"Half the fun of remembering is the rearranging."

vrijdag 16 maart 2018

Just my Luck

What I like in the templates by Designs by Romajo, is that there is left so much space to your own creativity. The new set Just my luck is a great example of that. https://www.plaindigitalwrapper.com/shoppe/product.php?productid=15404&cat=&page=1

Template 1 ande the bundle Almost Spring, which is available in parts here: https://www.plaindigitalwrapper.com/shoppe/manufacturers.php?manufacturerid=190

Template 3 and the kit The Gold and the Green which can be get free in the Mousetery blogtrain March

Lucky Charm

Lucky Charm, is one of the most beautiful St. Patrick kits by DitzBitz

vrijdag 9 maart 2018

Butterfly mornings and Wildflower afternoon

Many years ago I watchted the movie Ballad of Cable Hogue, I have Always rememberred the song of that movie but forgot the title, so I couldn`t find it on youtube and also not the lyrics. Accidently I heard the song 2 week ago, so now I could also use the lyrics for the latest kit by Designs by Romajo Butterfly Garden.
You can find the kit in shop here: https://www.plaindigitalwrapper.com/shoppe/product.php?productid=15370&cat=&page=1